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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Can't Fight This Feeling

I love EVERYBODY right now (here)

Tuesday, 2:19 PM..The boy child has been in school for 5 hours..

 Oh my god, people.

I CAN'T TAKE IT!  I wasn't going to do this--I told myself I wasn't going to write an "OH ME SO HAPPY" post about my son being back to school.  It would make me sound like a jerk, I reasoned.  It would maybe make some people think I was insensitve to my son's back-to-school jitters (I'm not.  My armpits, FYI, were JUICY this morning).  Besides, most kids have already gone back to school, so now that your kids have been back for a good week or more, chirping out my happiness would be REDUNDANT.

BUT I'M SO F*CKING HAPPY! No!  I can't stand it!  IT'S MARVELOUS!  I feel like I just snorted a BAG of COCAINE, and I don't even have any idea how that feels, because that's how much of a FREAKING STRAIGHT ARROW I AM!  But, I imagine that if you pack a whole bag of coke into your shnozz, and by BAG, I'm picturing a plastic grocery bag that they still give you for free at WAL OF EVIL, then you'd be


Oh, I want to take your hand and run naked and barefoot down the streets singing our song of love and FREEDOM!  You know you want to join me.

Five hours, people!  Five hours of no verbal abuse!  Tantrums!  Freaking out!  Losing his drum stick, the remote for the dvd player, his light grey crayon!  No requests for endless cinnamon toast and chocolate milk!

Oh my god...I'm getting light-headed.  Give me a moment to luxuriate in my own crapulence...


Okay, so I'm not a total douche.  I"m sure once the poor, worn-out little guy gets home I won't feel so CLOUD FREAKING 9-ISH any longer once I hear about those little jerk boys in his class, who were in his class last year, who I really could not stand by the end of the year.  Plus, maybe his teacher (because she doesn't completely know him yet) will have written some cautionary note to me about some garbage like maybe Jack didn't get along very well with the other kids at lunch, or, he was so upset at having to stay for lunch they STRONGLY recommend he come home for lunch, OR, another typical thing like this:

"we had a surprise fire-drill today and Jack was very distraught by the noise."

I DON'T KNOW--THOSE ARE JUST GUESSES. Who knows what's in the grab-bag of life???

But, for now, I have done YOGA with my girlie.  We made muffins.  I've been to blogville and Twitter, and I just had a second cup of coffee, and if this little post makes me a huge jerk, I am NOT apologizing! 

After all, I made the muffins JUST for Jack!  There, see?  MOTHER OF THE YEAR, RIGHT HERE, PEOPLE!!

Jack honey!  Mumsy made you muffins! 


  1. did it go??
    I cant wait to hear how Miss L liked it.
    Ben, well, he was Mr PMS last night...not sure what was up with that. But he was excited to go back that was a good sign

  2. a big grocery sack full of coke? wow, you won't likely be sleeping any time soon, but try to get a lot done while you're flying high!
    enjoy your peace & be grateful for those wonderful teachers who take the kids off the parents' hands for hours each day.
    and maybe he won't come home with tales and notes of upset, but rather with a new friend or fantastic book.

  3. I hope you totally enjoy this day. Karen don't let anyone make you feel bad about enjoying that your son went back to school because woman you have a lot on your plate with your son and those of us who have really gotten to know you, know that for sure. Enjoy. My youngest only has 1/2 days this week but I am just salvating waiting for next week when I have a whole day to myself. You better believe I am going to selfishly waste it on myself. I love school!

  4. you just made my day karen!!!!!! what a killer laugh you gave me.

    I am elated too. It is the first morning in I don't know how many freaking years my kids are all out of the house. what a great feeling it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. hey karen, wait till they leave the nest! my eldest moved out 2 days ago. and my 3rd born is gone to university....that leaves me with 2 left at home....and maybe the 2nd born might be leaving soon too......

  6. Not having snorted a grocery bag of coke myself, I too can't say quite how happy you must be. But I can imagine; and I imagine it would be like find out that 75% cocoa chocolate bars just melt the weight off you and that there are 6 or 7 hunky Swedish guys waiting in line to give you free massages.

    So, yes, I will run naked down your street singing songs of freedom. (Cause that one's on my Bucket List!)

    So happy for your day; I hope the feeling lasts and lasts.

  7. Enjoy your day!!! I hope he had a good first day back!

  8. OMG, I know!!!!! Who knew freedom felt so good and in your own house no less!

    But you're horrible, I have that "I can't fight this feeling" song stuck in my head now.

    Now I'm off to get my minions. Sigh.

  9. Funny. The obligations, rituals, and regiment that I longed for freedom from in June, I was looking forward to again in September. Enjoy this special moment. You will be complaining about assignments, peer socialization, and school rules soon enough.

  10. You deserve a break Karen..i don't know how you do it. Enjoy everyday you get to yourself and never ever feel guilty!
    I hope they don't recommend he come home for lunch!

    Check out my post when you get a chance! My link button is not working so i could not link to you on this post.

  11. i swear i saw parents breaking out the bubbly at the bus stop!

  12. Steph, the day went REALLY WELL. No complaints or concerns from his teacher at all. Jack walked into class first thing and said; "I want to sit beside Lily." So, the teacher moved her next to him.

    After school was a another story:

    SO GROUCHY. SO, SO, SO, SO corrosively grouchy. My god--I had to keep a safe distance from him.

    Obviously Jack and Ben were BURNT.

  13. Oh Sherilin, I sure as hell am grateful for those teachers!

    Yeah, he came home with NO tales of woe. He was a total, total jerk, but I still wuv him :)

  14. Alaina, Tuesday was MAGICAL. Yesterday--kind of more routine, but still good. Just think: in 2 more years both kids will be in school all freaking day! Yippee!!

    You'd better go out and buy something super fun and blog about it next week when your little guy is in school all day.

  15. Wow Melissa--that's great that you had some peaceful time too! I can't believe some of your kids are already becoming GROWNUPS. It's very difficult to imagine my kids at the university stage when one of them still can't reach her own butt when she goes to the bathroom.

  16. Oooo Sandy: Hunky guys waiting to give me a massage......


    Sorry, got lost there for a moment. The feeling did last for a long time! Thank you for your kind words :)

  17. Lizbeth, I too have had that song stuck in my head for days.

    And yes, freedom is BEST in one's own home!

    Are things starting to settle a bit on your end? We still need a post on you telling that MOM off!

  18. Damn right I'll be complaining soon, Matt!

    However, think of it this way: at the beginning of summer, we're sick of roasted meals and LOVE bbq'ed meals instead. By the end of summer, we can't wait for that roasted Sunday dinner again.

    In other words, humans get bored too easily.

  19. Okay Pam will do!

    And thanks, I have promised I won't feel too guilty about LOVING THE PEACEFULNESS.

  20. Paula H., did our parents feel exactly the same way, or were we too awesome...

  21. The ironic thing is that when you talk to parents whose children have grown and left, they often say that they miss the time you are in terribly.

  22. because they have FORGOTTEN Laoch. Or, their kids didn't smack them so much.

  23. Oh, Karen. Laoch is right - even you will miss your children one day. Though I am reminded of that Country song, 'How can I miss you if you don't go away?'

    And yes, perspective and memory is a tricky thing for sure. I'm glad I am always perfectly

  24. I think if you do not celebrate when your kid goes to school you are either a mental case or a liar or both. Mostly both.

    Hooray for evil muffins!!

  25. probably you're right, Matt, but for now, let me bathe in the pool of SELFISHNESS!

    Okay, all kidding aside, will I miss these days of being abused by the children....

    must ponder...

  26. Sue, I say no to lying, HOORAY for being a mental case!

  27. know how much Im into my girls, right?

    well, when they are in school 8 hours a day (or whatever)I am in heaven.

    I am starting to think those families that never speak to each and hate each other with such passion, they end up sending each otehr horse heads and back roses and not so bad.

    seriously, order is awesome. Kids should be in school learning crap and we should have our moments alone. It's normal.

    so, bottom line, your post = the greatest ever.

  28. Oh you are too funny! I am laughing laughing and laughing some more! I love it. You make school seem like a blessing and I'm glad it is one for you! You're hoot, Karen - and enjoy the good times sister - Go Jack!

  29. thanks Lance--yes I do know how much you love your girls!

  30. thanks Christina! It is a blessing right now. Ask me again by January.


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