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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Just a Thought

I won't watch that terrible, surreal footage anymore.  I won't listen to any "new" audio tapes" of voices filled with terror and desperation, but I do remember.  I remember I was at my desk at the office when the news came on the radio.  I remember my idiot boss and his wife at the time made some small noises of shock and then went back to work; back to "business as usual," and I was so angry.  I was so angry and disgusted that anyone should have been able to finish their work day that day. 

I don't need to watch any of it again.  I still remember.

Where were YOU on September 11, 2001?


  1. i was watching the today show,and waiting for the house painters to arrive.matt lauer was interviewing an author, but then they cut to the twin towers, just in time to see the second plane hit. i still remember the looks on the hosts faces,stunned then a 'what do we do now'look of confusion.

  2. They went back to WORK?!!!
    I live in Western Canada so I watched the second plane hit live on the news before I left for work. It still gives me that inside falling-down feeling.

  3. In my office too listening to the radio and then watching it live in the boardroom. Eventually, our bosses sent us home. I had a good boss.

  4. here friggin here

    I have been avoiding the coverage. I have some of my fav people's blogs - like yours, and commenting. I teared up at a damn Budweiser comemrcial, felt to make sure my junk was still intact, and went to my 7 yr old birthday's party and inhaled cake.

  5. thanks to everyone who commented on this. It's a hard topic, to say the least. I won't reply individually, I'll just let your words stand alone on this one


  6. I was living on Robinson St with a few clueless room mates. (by this I mean, they had no idea even what the WTC was) I was watching the morning news and watched it all...and because of being so close to the boader...i heard and saw all the hoop-la at the Rainbow bridge. I was glued to the TV for 3 days. Shocking.
    10 years later and fully understanding what happened...I can not watch the footage.

  7. I was at work and my manager walked down the hall and said "some idiot just crashed a plane in to the world trade center". When the second one hit, it was just disbelief. I was trying to explain it to Adam this weekend - the feelings of not knowing what's next. Not knowing how big this plan was and just wanting to go and be with your family.

    By the time I left work, just about everything was shut down. Malls, restaurants were all closed. I found a sub shop and bought sandwiches and took them to my parents house. It was my dad's birthday and he wanted a sub. He was also very sick with cancer. :( He was still able to sit up and walk a tiny bit. We celebrated his last birthday by watching the news coverage and eating subs and ice cream sandwiches.


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