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Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Pre-Teen Diary

Do you still have your diary(ies)?  Probably most girls kept a diary in highschool and I bet they all sounded a lot alike as far as content is concerned.  I don't know if most of you dudes kept diaries--I figured that was a chick thing.  Anyhow, my highschool diary isn't funny at all.  It's all teen angst, coming to a crescendo with the death of my first love to cancer.  


So, let's back up a few years to my PRE-teen diary.  Now that's one hot piece of garbage!  I bought it from one of those class book sale lists, and the thing barely had enough space to write anything for each date.  I wrote in it sporadically from the ages of 11 to 13, and now I'm going to foist it on YOU.  

You're welcome. 

So, cast your mind back to a time when Madonna was first hopping around with really, really rat-nesty hair, and a ton of wrist bracelets, everyone went to the movies to see "Back To the Future", and EVERYBODY tuned in to watch LIVE AID, and absolutely NOTHING happened in your life, but you still managed to turn anything and everything into drama...  

March 1 1984

Dear Diary,

Well here it is the first day of March/84 and there's snow up to my knees.  I am now 11 years old and I've got such a crush on Mike.  It's too bad that he's got such a big bum.  My rabbit had babies a while ago and I'm trying to save him/her (premature rabbit).  Today my period just started.

March 2

Dear Diary,

The little rabbit I was trying to save died

March 4
Today I felt sick

March 5

The Duran Duran concert went on today.  I couldn't go.

March 7

I've been keeping a diet lately. Still no sign of good looking guys.

March 8

I've forgotten about the diet but I haven't been eating as much.  Today we played baseball and after only 6 strikes I hit the ball and noone made fun of me.

March 9

We had a day off of school today and I'm beginning to think of a routine for gymnastics.  Today my brother hit me and I cried

March 13

Life is so cruel.  I'll never understand it.  Just today I found a dead fish.
Why do things have to be this way?


May 30 1985

Well here it is May 30 1985. I think K. is a Jerk and Jason is a gorgeous babe and he's really nice too.  I still think Mike is cute but not as much as Jason.  I am so sick of school I could just barf.  I wish Jason loved me.

June 21

I don't think it's fair that I can only stay out til 8:45 on friday nights.  It only starts to get dark at 9:30.

June 23

I went to play tennis today with T. and the only other person that showed up was Brian and he had his shirt off and I almost threw up because he looked so wimpy.  Only 2 more days of school.

June 24

Today in school I saw a gay movie called "The Gold Bug." Thank God tomorrow's the last day of school.  At grade 8 graduation Jason got the athletic award.  I'm so proud of him.  I love ya Jay.

June 25

I'm gonna miss Jason so much.  He was and always will be the nicest and most gorgeous guy in the world.  I'll miss ya Jay.  I could have killed T. when we went to the movies because I was all set to sit beside Jason and she took his seat.  I got a certificate and a game for having the highest percent in the class for french.

June 26

Today I hung around with Lisa and played video games.  I slept in till 10:40.

June 27

I went to Fabricland with Lisa today because she had to get some stuff for her Cabbage Patch Kid.   I saw gorgeous Jason at the Park and after he left Cam came and told some funny stories and then rode part way home with me.  I have a crush on him again.

July 2

We got a new couch today and it's really nice.  I'm on a diet and I wish it were so easy to lose weight that I could lose 5 pounds a day.  I didn't do anything today.  What a boring summer. I wish I had a pool. I hope Cam likes me.

July 3 

Today I went swimming in Lisa's pool it was 80 degrees and beautiful. I got a bit of a sunburn.  I've lost a pound.

July 5

I didn't do anything today.  I hope I can see Cam some time.  I really want to be GOOD friends with him.  If my brother finds this diary I'll die.

July 6

I now way [sic] 124 pounds!  When I started my diet I weighed 135 pounds.  Isn't that awesome!?!  I walked over to Foodbarn to get some milk and the rotten store was closed.  So I walked over to A&P and the stupid broad didn't give me a bag so I had to walk home with 4 ice cold litres of milk in my hands  brrrr.

July 8

I'm going to the movies tomorrow with Lisa, Matthew and ♥Cam♥.  I'm so excited.  I haven't gotten any mail from Christy and Kate yet (away at summer camp) and I'm mad!  I didn't do anything today and I'm still on my diet.  I wish I could get skinny fast!  I just noticed that we're leaving for up north on the 13 which is my lucky number.

July 9

I went to the movies tonight and the show was great!  Cam was hilarious as usual but I was surprised to see Jason who didn't socialize with me, Lisa or Matthew.  Cam says Gowan is coming to town.  I hope I can go.

July 10

I got a letter from Katie yesterday. I got a letter from Katie and Christy again today.  I saw Rocky II on T.V. and I cried at the sad parts.  That movie was good.  I can hardly wait till we leave!

July 11

I am not in love with Cam.  I just want to be fantastic friends with him.  I am praying there is a cute guy up north that will be attracted to me.  I didn't get any mail today.  I forgot to write that on Tuesday I found out that Jason has a girlfriend named Crissy.  Boo hoo!  What can possibly be so hard about losing 10 pounds and getting a boy?

July 13

We left today and the drive was long and boring (4 hrs).  The cottage was plain and the first night I got a mosquito buzzing in my ear, a flying spider by my bed and a daddy long legs crawling on my arm (Yipes!)

July 14

Lots of blackflies here.  The chipmunks are sooooo cute.  The outhouse makes me want to puke.  The Live Aid Concert went on yesterday (14 hrs) and my brother taped it.

July 15

There are 2 girls that stay near us they are:  Tory (aprox. 10 yrs)
                                                                      Morgan (6 yrs)

They're from a place near Toronto and they come to their cottage on weekends.  I rowed the boat and got a blister on each thumb.  Today we went into Dorset.  I saw a cute guy.

July 17

I got a deerfly bite today and the bastard bit me on the bum.  I got to row today it was great.  I miss P.(brother).  We're going home tomorrow instead of Friday because everybody wanted to.

July 18

I am sooooooooooo glad to be home!

July 19

I'm going to learn how to play electric guitar.  How could I ever have loved Cam? I get my period again on the 25th.  It'll be my 17th.

July 20

I've decided to give up on all the boys at school.  I hope some cute guys come!!!!!!!!!!!

July 25

I went swimming next door today and put Aimee in the tub but I had a heart attack because she went underwater with one of her hearingaids on.  Luckily it seems to be working.  Actor Rock Hudson has AIDS.  No sign of my period today.  Oh well maybe tomorrow.

Sept 12

Sorry I haven't written in so long.  Today while hanging out with my friends, Louise's friend Missy was there with a gang of her friends and they were all smoking and one of the girls offered me a drag but I didn't except [sic].  Yay Karen!  I saw Brin, who was Louise's boyfriend in grade 4.  He is sooo gorgeous now!  I'm in love with Russel.

Sept 17

I'm not in love with Rus any more.  I'm in love with a new guy named Cory.  He's gorgeous.  He told me today I have a nice body!  I could have died.  He wants to phone me bye!

Sept 18

He didn't phone

Sept 22

I am the luckiest girl in the world! Cory asked me out! I said yes!

Sept 23

T. was jealous today.  I could tell because she wasn't talking to me.  I met Cory's parents they seem to be nice.  I also played a game on his computer.  While I was gone Lisa told me that T. said she was gonna try and get Cory away from me so she could have him.  I hate her for that.  At 9:00 I brought him home to meet my mom.  He likes the song "The Rose."

Oct 5

My how quickly things change.  I dropped Cory today. He is an arrogant conceded [sic] and thoughtless asshole.  His friend Adam (who is the nicest guy in the world) wants to as me out tomorrow. I just might say yes.

Dec 6

I went to the Platinum Blond concert today!  I could see the guys perfectly.  Mark and the rest of the band were gorgeous and had their shirts undone exposing their gorgeous chests! (Muscles galore!) Mark said:  "Toronto - you look mahvelous" I swear that he saw me a couple of times.  Chris had a long amazing drum solo.  They sang "Twist and Shout" and "Back in the USSR."  I screamed and got a sore throat and the crowd was so loud that I couldn't hear very well after a while.  There was a gorgeous guy sitting near us with spiked hair, pink pants and a white fingerless glove.  I've never had so much fun in all my life.

Friday Aug 23 1986

Boy I sure haven't written in a long time!  I just got through reading my entire diary (Talk about Queer).  Don't I fall in love easily?  blah! As I've grown older I've grown wiser.  I do not fall in love with every cute boy I see!  School on Sept 2 (Wah!)


  1. Um, I think I need to disagree. You do fall in love with every boy you see.
    A couple of questions:
    1. Did you marry any of those boys?
    2. What # period are you up to now? ha!

    Love the diary. You're a hot mess!

  2. To further Mark's questions:
    3. What school did you go to that kept you in till June 25th?!?
    4. And what are those boys up not now? Working at a gas station or on wall street.

    Just curious.

    And love it!

  3. Perfect! Mine is just like it .... well except for the one I kept during my 19th year when I went to Vocational School and took a stenographers course. It's written in Greg shorthand --- which I can't translate anymore! Drat! There were some wild days that year.

  4. Wow, you started your periods before I was born. I started keeping a journal when I was in the navy, I was going to turn it into a great novel, that didn't work out.

  5. Too bad John Hughes isn't still alive. This would be a great script for his next film.

  6. I kept all of I wasnt to search the basement for them!! I am sure they sound same..or close!

  7. Mark, no, I didn't marry any of those boys--all of them have disappeared! Oh, I friended Cory on facebook briefly, but he unfriended me after I creeped him out by reminding him that he used to walk around with a great big hair brush in his back pocket.

    At least I didn't tell him about the spit strings that were permanently in place between his braces. Some people are so sensitive.

  8. Lizbeth, school here goes RIGHT till the end of June. Good times right??? Not really, I'm quite sick of it by that point.

    I don't know what those boys are up to now. Funny how some people can VANISH.

  9. Sandy, that's hilarious that you wrote it in shorthand! You'll have to translate it now.

  10. George:
    1. are you pointing out what an old hag I am, or that I'm at that magical SUPER HAWT OLDER WOMAN STAGE. No wait...don't answer that.

    2. did I know you were in the navy? You'd better share.

  11. oh I loved me some John Hughes, dbs. Yeah, it would make for one asinine script, wouldn't it!

  12. You go find those, Steph--they are GEMS. Wonderful, terrible gems.

  13. Hilarious! My diary is full of yearning over the "hot' boys at my school. I've caught up with those "hot" boys either in town or on facebook. Most of them are not so hot anymore! Sure am glad those love affairs never happened!

  14. captivating! I am very sorry for not writing to you more frequently. I so forgot about Cory and I can't believe he dissed you for reminding him about his brush. I forgot how many boys you had knocking at your door - I didn't have my first bf until 16, no wonder I'm so flipping insecure. Hee hee - Mike and his bum.... I can't get my head around that you were dieting at age 11 and only what - 130 pounds? crazy. Happy back to school time - hope you are getting into a good routine!

  15. I think it's nice that you shared so much about you in your diary. I love to read more about you.

  16. Heather! That's awesome--and you are so right: most of those hot guys are truly not hot anymore. Hrm...maybe someone's saying that about me on facebook too...

    OH well.

  17. Christy, I think you did write me a lot, but I was a bored, impatient teenager. Oh yes--I was hoping someone would notice the whole disturbing young person diet obsession! It's scary really.

    Boys knocking at my door--pppft...I think a few of the guys that had a crush on me had a crush on you as well, and I recall at least a few in highschool asking me if my friend Christy was single! We were probably either shy, or picky--hoping the super popular boys would like us.


    Oh, and don't feel bad--Cory was a two week boyfriend :)

  18. thanks Barbara! I think the diary reveals just how ridiculous I was--or typical, depending on how you look at it :)

  19. July 18 looks VERY familiar. . .hmmmm. . .didn't you say that about one of your vacations? : )

  20. I did not keep a diary but I wish I had. It must be interesting to have such a snapshot of your younger self.

  21. what!!?no crush on matt,he is wayyyy hotter than cam!haha. i also had a crush on jason h.i worked with him for awhile, he seemed very sweet and quiet,when you would talk to him he would only say a few words,blush slightly and walk away...ah how cuuuute.i think i am up to about #300, but it feels like at least 2000.

  22. I destroyed all of my old diaries in case I decided to run for public office or something...I needed to hide the evidence of my teenage debacles!

  23. Paula, you are TOO funny! Matt was the FIRST person I was friends with in school, and we hung out so much after school that I felt more like he was my brother. Tell Mattt I say that with affection :) Isn't it better he was spared by my SHALLOW SUPER FICKLE nature anyway??? Blech to teenaged karen.

    Small city/world eh? Who knew that you knew Jason as well. Aw, now I'm all warm and mushy.

  24. I wish I'd had some teen debacles, Paula. :(

  25. There, Karen! Are you happy?!? You just made Christy feel guilty from 25 years ago!

    Plus there could only be one hottie at a school THAT size...and it was me! HA!

  26. Matt, you definitely had cooler style than anyone else! Ha ha ha @ guilt a zillion years later!

  27. you were counting your periods, HA! and i'd like to mention your use of the phrase "stupid broad". i don't often hear that from 11 year olds.
    obsessed with your weight much? i've tried to find my old diaries for blog fodder, but so far it hasn't turned up in my parents attic. maybe my butthead brother swiped it.

  28. Sherilin! Thank you for noticing "stupid broad" as well. I thought it was way too harsh for a dumb kid like myself to say too. Oh, keep digging! Keep digging--then you can post yours too! That would be awesome.

    Yep, it is disturbing how I cared so much about my weight at that age. My mom had no problem with me dieting at that age either, come to think of it.

  29. i was pretty figure conscientious at that age too & i remember trying to lie & say i weighed less than 100. my mom wasn't a fan of me calling myself fat, but she was pretty okay if i wanted to eat less.
    why were we so obsessed with boys then? it's like, every boy even remotely close to my age and not ass ugly was probably flashing a loud blip on my radar & if he showed me any attention at all, i was bound to fall for him. even if it only lasted 2 days, i was totally smitten for that brief period. ridiculous. i hope my child is never that dumb & so far she doesn't like boys much, so maybe there's hope yet.

  30. Sherilin, you've summed it all up perfectly--but yet, what's better than that smitten feeling? So, it wasn't all bad I guess--that tingly excitement of being in "love".

    Give Brooke a few years and she'll surely reach giggly girl age.


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