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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


When I was a kid, and the original "Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory (1971)" was on TV, it was EXCITING.  It was exciting, it seemed, when any movie from the big screen FINALLY made it onto TV.  It took ages for a movie to get from cinema to television, and sometimes my parents let me stay up to watch the ENTIRE MOVIE, which might mean staying up till 10 or 11. 

Now check out this scene:


When I was a kid, that part HORRIFIED me.  It completely freaked me out.  I'm pleased to say that it's STILL freaking kids out. 

Recently this movie was on tv and my kids were watching it (I was out blowing money and missed all the fun).  It was bad enough when the girl turned into the giant blueberry, but when Augustus Gloop fell into the chocolate river and got sucked up the tube, my kids thought it was horrific.  Ella was so freaked she immediately wanted to go to bed. 

So, The Man decided to use this to his advantage and gave them a small sermon on how the bad kids in the movie didn't FOLLOW THE RULES, and if you DON'T FOLLOW THE RULES, sometimes BAD THINGS HAPPEN. 

They drank all this up like wide-eyed little sponges. 

So, when they were at their grandparents' recently, The Man asked Ella what happens when you don't follow the rules:

Ella:  "YOU GET SUCKED!!!"

That's right people:  you get SUCKED--right up the TUBE OF LIFE! 

They're not convinced Augustus Gloop made it out alright. 

Neither was I!!!

Tell me if that movie made an impact on YOU


  1. OMG, that movie still gives me the full body shakes. How it starts and they're all sleeping in a little ol shack and in one bed.

    And those horrible, horrible, horrible, God-Awful little upma-loompa's or what ever the frick they are STILL to this day give me fits of terror. My older brother told me they lived in our attic and they could come out at night.

    Guess who's room had the attic access?

    Uggggh, I'm sorry but that movie for me is just a portal to hell but I'm glad you were able to make good use out of it. That's genius!!!

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I loved that part! Okay, so I was such a nerd (eh-hem...I guess I still am), but I was so upset when the movie made Charlie do a "bad" thing by drinking the bubble stuff that made him fly, when I couldn't remember him doing ANYthing "bad" in the book! From then on, I've always thought books are better than the movies. Hee, hee. P.S. The remake with Johnny Depp is when I started having a crush on that weird? 'Cause he made one weird Wonka.

  3. Oh it did!! but in a very different way...when he fell into the was more like :that lucky kid gets to live in chocolate!!!" For soem reason I chose not to see the bad in teh situation...i did panic a little bit when the other kid turned into TV kid...that made me abit uneasy...but really the movie turned my brain into chocolate dreamland! I would dream of how wonderful it would be to live you can only guess my surprise when Ben was a bit freaked out by all of the crazy sad events...he cried! I was like " what????? How do you not think this movie is the best??"
    Oh wait...the song the Willy Wonka sings in the tunnel...that kind of freaks me out still.
    Have you read the book?? The book is amazing! I have read it so many times that I needed to buy a new copy of it.
    What did you think of the remake??

  4. i did NOT like that movie when i was a kid. heck, i still don't like it now. seeing the kids do bad things & that darn varuca (isnt' that her name?) and her rotten attitude were very distressing to me. and when they went in that subway acid trip ride with mr wacky wonka, i was totally over it.

  5. Lizbeth, that's the thing that's so funny: thge movie is totally freaky, and yet, all kids saw it back then. The oompa loompas WERE creepy. So true. Hey, did your brother and my brother go to the same school of pestering? My bro used to threaten to put a homemade cassette tape of "monster noises" under my bed while I was sleeping.

  6. Maria, the books usually are better than the movies. The movie fails to capture that whole strange Road Dahl feel somehow.

    Well, it's not weird that you liked Johnny D. as wonka if it's not weird that I Gene Wilder was always at the top of my actor crush list.

  7. See Steph: Ben was frightened by it! You're hilarious that you only saw it as candy dreamland!

    I did read the book but way, way too long ago. That's it--my next trip to the library will be to take that one out again.

    and James and the Giant Peach...that was great.

    The remake was okay, but I'm sick of the whole idea that Hollywood can't come up with anything new. I liked Johnny Depp's Wonka a lot, but the rest of the movie didn't make that big an impression on me aside from being entertaining.

  8. Oh Sherilinnie, you were supposed to tell a story like: "omg, I was so scared I peed the bed for MONTHS!" Ha ha ha...true, it was a little 70's trippy.

  9. One of my favorite movies of all time. In fact, I used the Pure Imagination song in one of the videos that I made last Winter.
    I still can't watch the Johnny Depp version. No sir!

  10. i didn't need movies to make me pee the bed. i did that on a regular basis for no good reason.

  11. Mark, the J.D. version is just not the same. I am getting very sick of these remakes. They're TRYING to remake Footloose. That's just wrong.

  12. Aaaaw! Sherilin, you did it because your body was growing faster than your bladder.

  13. Karen, while you are at the library, get Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. Awesome book too! I just finished reading it to Ben...hes cool with the books.
    The remake...i wasnt a ig fan of it. I was super excited about it, but then was disappointed. Johnny Depp was too creepy for me. It wasnt such acandy dreamland anymore either.

  14. Footloose...they cant do that! No No No...i heard "they" want to re-make Dirty Dancing as well.
    IS there any movie where the remake is better than the original?

  15. Steph, I did read The Great Glass Elevator a zillion years ago as well. I wonder if those books are still a bit too old for Ella and Jack if I read them to them. Hm. I'll have to take them out for me!

  16. remaking Footloose is WRONG. Just plain wrong.

    Now I don't know if any remakes are better than the know, I don't think so! I'm going to have to think about this.

    They should NEVER touch Dirty Dancing either!!!!!

  17. Jon just recycled all the 'morals' of Grims Fairy Tales or Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes. Parents have been using fear to teach lessons and keep kids in line for a very, very long time. Politically incorrect nowadays. I could never use that stuff on my son - he would never leave his room.

  18. They are also remaking the movie Fright Nite.

  19. LOL Matt! Grimm's fairytales--THAT was the name I couldn't remember, but yeah, I thought that too.

    My kids are ruthless little things.

    I don't know if I saw Fright Nite!

  20. I don't remember ever seeing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but I know my youngest is terrified of it.

    The remake of Karate Kid was too much for me. I went out and bought the original and handed it to Adam saying "Jaden Smith. Please. ".


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