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Sunday, September 11, 2011


So let's call today DONE. 

It was a sad enough Sunday--hell, all Sundays are a little sad to me now (hi Mom, I miss you).  But now that it's calm, and all the dishes have been washed, and my boy is having his bedtime story read, and I'm just waiting for some laundry to come out of the dryer, I'm thinking that Sunday doesn't have to be entirely sad.  It is, of course, a new week, and another day to pick ourselves up and try again. 

Besides, as always, I've got a few songs stuck in my head.  This one in particular I heard on the radio the day we all piled into my Dad's minivan and took the one and half hours drive down the country roads to the beach.  My Dad, my sister, Jack, Ella, and my two nieces.  Two of the kids are seven, one is four years old, and the last is three.

When this song came on, my eldest niece knew all the words by heart and was singing away in a young clear voice, perfectly in tune.  The rest of the kids caught up at the chorus, and all were singing away in the back seat.  I'll turn around one day and realise that they're not little anymore, and who knows how many sunny trips to the beach there'll be. Do you have those moments too, that you try to freeze in your mind, hoping you'll never forget them?

I was struck at the moment that it was a special day, a good day, and I took a mental snapshot of all the little people singing away, hoping to remember always when they were all so young and happy, and the day was hot, the sky was clear, and I was happy too. 

"I'm taking a mental picture of you now

Cuz hopelessly

The hope is we have so much to feel good about


  1. This song has worked its magic on me too.

  2. i know a bride who walked down the isle to this song.i thought it was appropriate, 'cause even through all the hard times,if you are surrounded by the one you love, it is a good life.yup amen to that!

  3. Very nice, Karen.
    This just happened to us last week and we were driving in Our minivan back from the beach. All of the kids were singing the same song together and I just thought it was the funnies thing.
    Take care.

  4. Good Memories :) Good song :)

  5. thanks Christina. Happy Sunday to you! Well, happy MONDAY now...

  6. yeah, I was in a happy slappy frame of mind last night, Paula. Good wedding song!

  7. ah the little people are so magical sometimes, aren't they Mark? Hope you're well after that flood!

  8. I love when little kids sing, they're so cute. Especially when they don't belong to you and they're singing about "shaking that arse" and they have no clue what they're saying but just belting it out anyway. And the part about them not being mine, did I mention that already?!?

  9. I love times like those where you can just freeze a beautiful moment in your mind.

  10. Lizbeth, it's even better when they work up a good hoochee dance to go with that ass shaking song. The world has become even more disturbing. Good thing the little people are so cute sometimes.

  11. true, Paula! Someone advised me to do that for my wedding, since it all passes by so quickly.


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