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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Share YOUR ANGST! Your ANGST Is Good Too!


Okay fellow sympathizers and friends!  I just did a post on my poor girly flopping onto her face at the playground.  And we have ALL lived through those nasty lumps, bumps, bruises and tumbles.  You guys listen to me waaa waaa waaa all the time, and I lurv you and want to hear from you.


Now it's YOUR turn.  I want YOU to post a picture of your OUCHIES on my  Ow, my angst FACEBOOK PAGE!

Think you can do it?

Here's How!

* for starters, find me on Facebook.  You can either click HERE, or you can always find my Facebook link on the left hand side of my blog as you scroll down.

* scan or upload a photie into your computer, or choose one you already have, then post it onto my Facebook Page, with a small blurby about the BOO-BOO! (you know, like how it happened)

* you may have to "like" me first in order to do it.  NO, this is not my sneaky way to get LIKES, that's Facebook's stoopid modus operandi.  But, try it without if you want, and see what works :)

* the photo can be of your little person, (or even you, you need huggums too)--it just has to be your favourite oh-my-poor-widdle-buddy picture

* No nudity please.  I mean, come on.

*Nothing so gross we can't look at it: no eyeballs flopping out, no super gore--nothing that will make us totally yark as we're drinking our coffee.

* No spam.  You can't even imagine how quickly spam will put my boot in your ass.


Find Ow, my angst on Facebook!


  1. HOORAY! And to think, The Man was saying to me today: "nobody takes pictures of their kids [booboos]. I never did." I said;

    "you're not A MOM."

    Can't wait to check it out! Well, and sympathise that is...

  2. i am not a teckie, i can not even figure out facebook, let alone putting pics on there!

    as of now i am coming down after my son has had a major meltdown because i turned off the t.v. and told him it was homework time.the neighbors probably thought i was pulling off his limbs, he was screaming so much!ow my angst!

  3. Paula--I have LIVED that so many times. OH my freaking stars!!! The TV is crystal meth for kids. Seriously.

    That's okay about no photie--you can share a boo-boo story instead! but, you're not on facebook, right? No worries, I'll have opportunities to share angst on my blog too! You people have given so much, I MUST give back :)

  4. your man is confused. moms take pictures of all the momentous events in our kids lives if there's a camera handy. i have more too. one from the hospital when she was super sick with a 103 fever. i'm sure there are others, but i can't think of them at the moment. oh yeah, i've got a good pink eye shot too. not exactly a booboo, but pretty gross to look at.

  5. My boo-boos are internal, where no camera can go. Except one of those 'do not put in ass' product line cameras from one of your earlier posts.

  6. Ooo Sherilin--the pink eye shot is mighty tempting for some reason. However, if it's just you and I swapping pics of our kids mishaps, that's just sad and pathetic :(

  7. Matt, that was deep and profound--deep enough for a flower pot! NOOOOO!

  8. yeah, maybe we're sad & pathetic. or maybe we're just the only ones tech savvy enough to load them on there correctly... huh? huh? you think it's the second option?

  9. True Story: I have a photograph of my chicken Ursula, with surgical staples in her arse. Does that count?

    Sarah xxx

  10. Sarah, it depends: would we know what the hell we're looking at in the photo? I mean, would we look at it and say "oh that poor chicken!" or would we say "WHAT THE F*CK IS THAT?!?"

  11. tech savvy, Sherilinnie, and also ARTISTS, yes, we are artists.

  12. I shared! I shared!

  13. Oh Laoch. Just email that directly to MOI. There. Problem solved.

  14. Well Steph, it's just the 3 of us then :) Hee hee! Thank you.

  15. Wow, glad she is alright. I have one of those accident prone children. He, no, we spent his first Halloween in the emergency room because he fell down the cellar steps. He is only four and has already had stiches and I would bet that he will also be the first to break a bone.

  16. Oh Alaina, I hear you! Ella is only 4 as well. She just scraped the hell out of her knee on the way home from school today.

    Don't you just HATE the emergency room?!?

  17. sent you the best angst eva! on facebook! but don't take is seriously....


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