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Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Day Before Halloween

What a  nice day.

There's a stuffed chicken in the oven and it smells great.  The Man is making sugar cookie dough, and I've already made a pumpkin pie.

We carved our pumpkins on the picnic table in the back yard.  The air is crisp and clean, and the smell of the odd backyard fire was wafting over from time to time.  Hell, I even got into the spirit last minute by forking out $13 to buy some orange and black garlands, which I put over the windows, an orange felt-backed plastic table cloth with little white skeletons on it, and some orange and black balloons.  That, and the little pumpkin and ghost lights strung up in the front window have made the house festive enough to have redeemed a curmudgeon such as I.

I went for my power-walk through the neighbourhood early-ish this morning, and saw beauty everywhere.  It was one of those luminous, still mornings, with white frost lingering on the grass where the sun hadn't reached yet, yellow leaves spiraling to the ground, and golden light dappled sidewalks.

All is calm, all is peaceful.  The kids are good. The kitchen is warm.  I wish my Mom were here to see the kids all in costume tomorrow, but then, when don't I miss her?

Have a wonderful Halloween, everyone, if you celebrate it, and if not, have a lovely Autumn (hopefully snow-less) Monday.



  1. Thank you for sharing how beautiful a day can be. (We all need reminders.)

  2. i have been feeling depressingly bitchy the past week or two, but even still i've been noticing & appreciating the prettiness of the trees changing color & loving wearing jackets in the nice, cool air.
    enjoy your halloween.

  3. The leaves are so pretty this time of year, but I wish it were warmer. I kind of miss summer already...

  4. Well isn't this nice.
    I just want to curl up next to my Fireplace and take a quiet little Autumn nap after reading this.
    Have a great day!
    Your Friend, m.

  5. Sunday was a wonderful day! The sun was warm but the air was was teh perfect day to carve the pumpkins!
    Last night was a blast as well...a bit of light rai...but nothing stopped my kids!

  6. we had a great night, cooked up some'spider dogs' for the neighborhood, and got to chat with the parents in the area.beautiful weather, great friends, and lots of candy, it doesn't get any better! happy fall karen!

  7. you're welcome dbs. I am so inclined to be in a good mood once in a blue moon :)

  8. Sherilin: sing it, sister. This is where I am lately too. Maybe it's the suddenly DECREASE of daylight. Blah.

  9. Me too Paula. It feels like just a couple of weeks ago I was complaining about endless swimming on my summer vacay with the family. :(

  10. thanks Mark. I'm sure you were expecting more underpants and maxi pad references.

  11. yeah, it was Christina, and now BACK TO WORK!

  12. true Steph! Ella and Aim's girls RAN the entire time they were trick or treating. Needless to say the girl was BURNT afterward.

  13. thanks Paula H.--that was a lovely image to share. You have a great neighbourhood, yes? That's nice! I never got to know 95% of my neighbours in Miserysauga while I lived there.


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