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Thursday, November 24, 2011


You ALL rock.  Yes, that means you, you, you and you, and even you over there being all shy.  


No, ha ha, that's not how old I FEEL today.  I'd say more like 89--tops.

Blech.  Stupid back-to-back colds.  What--am I in KINDERGARTEN again???

No, this is about there being 100 of you nice people who decided to follow me no matter how much I whined, or abused the ALL CAPS button.

Thank you for reading.

I hope at some point I've made you laugh, or provided something worth thinking about.  I've only ticked a few people off along the way, so kudos to me.

If you're new around these here parts, you may not know that I have a nice little family, and I'm thankful for that.  My son is on the Autism spectrum, and is a CRAZY artist.  Seriously--check out the links to his art sometime.  Just scroll on down and they're right there in the left side pane of the blog.  My daughter once stood on my armpit (she also says a ton of crazy things), stepped on her brother's nose, and hurts herself approximately five times each and every day.  My husband doesn't even want me to talk about him at all (heh heh--poor THE MAN--there's no escape).

I also have two cats.  They make me mental.  Loki is my black cat, and she literally stalks me from the time I get up until the time I go to bed, (even when I'm on the can, there she is outside the bathroom door, all "MEOW?  MEOW?  MEOW?) so at some point during the day I will freak, and shout:  AREN'T CATS SUPPOSED TO SLEEP MOST OF THEIR LIVES????  She's completely neurotic.  She even gets little anxiety zits on her face from time to time.  Suggestions, anyone?  I think she could use a good dose of Prozac.  Do they give that out to cats?  If she would just calm the eff down we could be much better friends.  My other cat's real name is Tiger, but I call her Fatty, because she's NOT insane, and LURVS to sit down and eat.  She's really cute but clunkers get stuck to her ass.

I'm living in my grandmother's house.  It was built in 1928.  Blah, blah, blah, isn't that nice, it has ants.  Once, at the zenith of the great ant infestation of 2010, flying ants poured up from the cold air return vent in my bedroom.  It's been covered with the heaviest books we have ever since.  I especially liked this past summer when there were hornet-sized flying ants milling around the outside of the pantry window.  Only one got in the house.  Jack killed that thing with a PEN.  That's HARDCORE, YO.

So, whenever I look at really beautiful old houses, I always wonder what kind of insect/pest problems the occupants have.

Oh, and I have an avocado tree.  I grew him from a pit I carefully saved after making guacamole for CINCO DE MAYO this past year.  He is just over a foot tall and his name is Pepito.  Pepito and I have coffee every day.  Speaking of coffee, I am a coffee snob.  You will learn this, if you don't already know it.

I talk about all of these things and none of these things.

I also talk about PMS and my LADY TSUNAMI.  A lot.  And my dissatisfaction with personal hygiene products.  Throw in some poop, barf and hooters and you've got yourself a party.

No wait--there wouldn't be any party without YOU, because you guys make the comments section so fun, it's almost the whole reason I write.  The rest of the reason is to stay sane.  I am a stay-at-home mom after all.

Anything else?

Just ask me.


  1. I have not read very much about your cats, and being a cat lover, I crave more...more karen.

    Avacado tree. Mmmm. Just the fact that you wrote that makes me LOVE your writing.

    I was gonna say I love you, but that is really reallly weird.

    So, I have grown to like you over the course of your blog. How's that?
    You are getting less crusty you know.

  2. Jesus Melissa--could I really be getting less crusty? MON DIEU, it could be true.

    Thanks for reading all my junk and always being supportive and for providing really great thought-provoking comments as well. Just for you I will do a post on my insane cats. It takes me forever to get to things, but it will happen.

  3. Today is Thanksgiving in this corner of the world. I am thankful for being reacquainted with friends from long ago. Happy 100!

  4. Me too, Lisa, and happy Thanksgiving to you!

  5. i'm not afraid to say that i lurv you karen. and i agree with melissa up there, i haven't read about the cats either.

  6. yeah, I thought I'd heard that somewhere, Laoch!

  7. thanks Sherilinnie! I lurv you too! Yeah, I don't talk about my cats too often because most of the day they drive me bananas. But I will. I will.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving Karen!
    Keep working on those cut/pastes of your head. I love them!
    Your Friend, m.

  9. I LURVE the stars shooting out of your head at the end of the entry, though it was a touch understated. ;) It reminded me of the opening theme to Wonder Woman, which is fitting. Stop any bullets lately? Lasso The MAN to force him to tell you the truth? There's GOT to be a connection somewhere.

    Also, I need to echo Lisa's comments. Your blog is a bridge to Lisa's life as well. Thanks.

  10. I'm moving in. I'll handle the insects so long as you take care of the frickin cat yark ropes. You know I'm gonna obsess over cat yark ropes for the rest of the rday, right?


    Sarah xxx

  11. Happy 101 Karen, you have worked hard to keep each and every one of us. We come for the reality and stay for the laughs. Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes and yes, I was one of those crazy Americans waiting in line at ToysRUS, right next to our fellow CANANDIANS. If you can't beat us, join us. We all had lots of laughs in line waiting in the cold. Have a great weekend.

  12. I tried to grow a banana tree once, which was really dumb considering the climate in which I live. My ex-hubs, who was my hubs at the time, decided to mulch it with the grindings from a walnut tree we had just had taken down. The "mulch" was infested with ants, who ate my poor banana tree all the way to the roots. So we kind of have a lot in common.

    Congratulations on reaching 100. You deserve 1,000.

  13. Hahaha! You shouldn't be surprised! You're hilarious! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! :)

  14. Oh Mark, don't encourage me! NO wait--DO encourage me! MORE HEAD CROPPING FOR EVERYONE! Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving! Mine feels like it was ages ago now...

  15. Matt, I think there's some Wonder woman head cropping in my future...

    Yeah, it's nice to bring fun people together isn't it!

  16. Why thank you Ms. Sarah, you rock as well!

    Yeah, there's some cat yark ropes down the basement even as we speak. Thank you for handling the insects. I have an irrational debilitating fear, so this works out just fine :)

  17. Well Grace, I don't know if it was dumb: if you're house is warm enough year round, you can grow pretty much anything. Hell, my mother-in-law was growing a very successful lime tree until she went away on vacation and her husband killed it :)

    I shudder over the image of the ants eating your tree. I hate them with a poisonous rage.

  18. Thanks Miranda, you are too kind. I hope YOU had a nice Thanksgiving! I had mine weeks ago--long enough now to envy you guys and dream of American yummies like "green bean casserole." Much fun!

  19. thanks Alaina! I was wondering how many Canadians hopped the border to take advantage of MYTHICAL SALES. Me? I'm too tired.

    You have a great weekend too!

  20. Frick, I WANT 100!!!!

    No seriously, like Grace said you deserve 1000 of us minions following you around! Congrats and now I have to go back to my crazy family that won't leave....sigh.

  21. Lizbeth, I feel for you: having NO personal time is the WORST.

    Thanks, woman!

  22. congratulations!

    You deserve 100 more...

    Love coming here


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