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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Happy Happy Art!

It was a miserable, sucky, poopy, crappy, cruddy day here today.  It was dark and grey, and has been raining NON STOP since Wednesday.  Also, it would appear I'm going to have a cold for the rest of my life, so...

So, what we need is a good dose of ELLA ART!

My four year old daughter enjoys drawing, and it's so interesting to me to see the difference between her and her brother.  When Ella draws she's always satisfied with the outcome.  When Jack draws there are great, angry *SCRUNCHT* sounds coming from his vicinity all the time as he crumples his less-than-satisfactory drawings and tosses them away in a great fit of pique.

The most noteworthy thing about Ella's art is that it's just so freaking happy.  Maybe it will make you feel happy too!


The Happy Sun!

Heart And Happy Face

The Happy Rectangle

say YES!

The Happy Bunny

The Happy Square

The Happy Hand

Ella, her brother, and her cousins at the beach



  1. she's got that smiley face business down to an art! definitely couldn't help but smile, especially at the smiling rectangle. or the smiling sponge as i imagined it to be when i first saw it.
    i think the mark of a true artist is to be forever dissatisfied with most everything you create. that's how they get so good because they're always striving to do better.

  2. I swear I'm delusional right now. I could have sworn I left a comment on your last post. Oh well. I hope that cold gets better or at minimum you are getting a buzz off the meds. My personal fav is the nigh-time stuff, Robitussin I think.

    I don't know how I got there.

    Anyway, the art work is ADORABLE and I hope you're feeling better soon.

  3. I actually did smile all through that. I love the Yes sign. I would frame that simply because it feels so "positive"!

  4. Sherilin, I think you're right. Jack even has the artistic arrogance thing down.

    Still, it's refreshing to see someone draw who will never freak out

  5. thanks Lizbeth. My immune system sucks, but maybe I'll try that Robitussin...

  6. I thought the same thing about framing the YES sign, Mark!
    Thank you.

  7. Awww... Her drawings really DO make me happy. I was smiling the whole time I read that post. *HAPPY SIGH*


  8. Oh fabulously happy pictures! My 5 year old is the same, unlike her siblings - the joy and unselfconsciousness just radiates off the page.
    Is it REALLY wrong that the last picture looks like penises to me?
    Yes, I think it is. Please forgive the inappropriateness.
    Hope your cold gets better soon. xxxx

  9. oh goodness, cuteness overload! I love the smiling square face!

  10. Aw, how can you not look at those and be happy?

  11. Ah, Curtise: APPROPRIATENESS is highly over-rated.

    The main thing is that you FELT the joy, and whatever it is that brought you joy, well, chacun son goût!

  12. Daniele, I like it too. I also like how she uses all different colours.

  13. Matt, yeah--I'd better do a 360 soon! Or a me, MATH MAN, help me.


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