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Monday, January 16, 2012


So, I was tagged by the charming and lovely Ms. Jessica B. at Jessee's Spot...ages ago.  Sorry Jessica. Well, a long while at least.  I'm brutal for getting to ANYTHING in a timely manner though, and I don't know if I love these things anyway, as they force me to SELF ANALYSE.  

Oh well.  Onward.  

The rules of this thing are:

1. Post these rules.
2. You must post 11 random things about yourself.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post.
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
5. Go to their blog and tell them that you've tagged them.
6. No stuff in the tagging section about ‘you are tagged if you are reading this.’ blah blah blah, you actually have to tag 11 peeps!

11 Random Things About Me:

1. it takes me AGES AND AGES AND AGES to get to ANYTHING other than what I happen to want to blog about that day.  Dishes, cleaning, laundry, favours to friends--yeah, either be prepared to wait endlessly or CUT ME OFF, people.  

2. I hate it when anyone touches my nose.  Don't touch it.  Don't pinch it. Definitely don't pinch it.  I have no idea why you need to touch my nose.

3. I think Gene Wilder was so dreamy in "Blazing Saddles"

4. I can't sleep on my left side for long periods of time ever since I was a young teenager.  It aches after a while and feels like the organs have been squeezed.

5. there's this lidded dish with leftover mashed potatoes at the bottom of my fridge, waaaaay in the back and I can't remember how long it's been there, but I'm patiently waiting for THE MAN to get that f*cking thing out.  

6. I will never go see a horror movie with you.  

7. Space is so, so boring.  Don't even bother talking to me about black holes and asteroids on a crash course for Earth.  

8. I'm sick of colouring my hair

9. Names that I don't know how to pronounce IMMEDIATELY drive me up the freaking wall.  Like that last name "Gough."  Is it Goff?  Go?  Goo?  Goog?!?!

10. Jell-o freaks me out.  It's so disgusting when you think about it, and can only come from ONE SOURCE, PEOPLE:  ANIMALS.  Blech.  So, one day someone boiled up a ham hock until it fell apart and gelatinized, and they decided "this would be YUMMY with some CHERRY FLAVOURING!"  


11. I'm a massive, monstrous introvert

OK, so here are the questions I'm s'posed to answer:

1. What is your idea of a perfect date?

Dating?!?  What is that?'ve given up too easily, karen.  Concentrate...
a really good dinner that's not filling to the point of all-night-gas-a-thon, with yummy cocktails!  Oh! Oh!  Maybe some appetizer that's set on fire!  Yeah!

2. What would you consider your specialty as far as cooking is concerned?

My macaroni and cheese kicks so much ass.  I don't know why you haven't made it.  The recipe is right at the bottom of the blog.  

My pie would make you wet your pants.  Yeah, you heard me right.

3. Who do you admire and why?

My son.  He relinquishes his need to control his whole universe every day just by going to school. Also he's an amazing artist, and a very sweet person besides.

My daughter.  She is the happiest, huggiest, most content little soul I know.  I hope she doesn't become the girl I turned into at 15.  

4. If you could go back in time and change the outcome of one event in your life, what would it be?

I would let them induce me when I was so many days past my due date with Jack--either that or demand a c-section before I reached the 3 hour mark trying to push that kid out, while his heart rate kept dipping.

5. What is one regret?

When I didn't transfer all my poems to an internet email addy before my diskette f*cked itself. 

6. What do you consider yourself:  a city, country or beach person?

None of the above.  I like my small town with it's crappy pot-hole filled roads, and near total lack of pretentiousness.

7.  Have you ever met anyone considered famous?

I met Debra DiGiovanni at a comedy club a couple of years ago. 

8.  What are the top 5 most played songs on your iPod?

* Love You Madly by Ella Fitzgerald (it's the best version I could find..but it's er..set to a video for someone's doggie who passed away)

9.  What is your favorite quote?

"This is my simple religion.  There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy.  Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness."

-Dalai Lama

10. What was the worst job you ever had?

Cashier at the casino.  That sucked LARGE.  Seriously--why are people so heinously rude?!?!?!? And ohmygod--what's with shitting your pants? 

11. If money were no object, what one thing would you splurge on for yourself?

I'd totally make my bedroom pretty.  Bye bye wood-free cheap crap Sears bedroom furniture!!!

Now I'm supposed to invent 11 questions of my own and tag 11 somebody elses.  Nuts to that. I hate rules. Let's see how many questions I can come up with.  

1. What is your favourite kind of pasta?

2. how many people did you meet in your life who were really good kissers?

3. what is your favourite book of all time

4. what have you done that you are most proud of?

5. if you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?

6. how many pairs of your underpants are actually doctor-worthy at this point in time?

7. What movie really, really, really made you cry?

There. 11 is bullshit.  7 is just right.  OH, and these questions are for YOU, the lovely people who actually suffered through this post!  Enjoy!


  1. # 6 I just bought new underwear. Sure got lucky on that one.

    #7 The spitfire grill. I have watched it about 4-5 times. I weep uncontrollably at the end. I throw things at the TV, and say "stupid movie" over and over.

    #3 The Emmigrants by Wilhelm Moberg (series of 4 books)

    #1 i hate pasta

    #2 ..0

    #5 europe

    # 4 besides kids ....???????????

    1. AWESOME ANSWERS! SO MUCH FUN! I love the part where you throw things at the TV. I've never seen that movie, so I'll have to check it out.

      Now Melissa, how can you hate pasta?!? MON DIEU! There are so many different kinds! It's a SMORGASBORD for the senses!

      love your answer to #2 by the way........

  2. Karen!!! Now I feel like I have to answer your questions because they are great questions. And I love answering questions. Some of your answers made me laugh out loud, and I totally laughed at your number 9 in randoms. Actually all of your randoms were great. Glad you played along. At the very least, you got a post out of it!

    1. Oh Jessica, just ignore my CRUSTINESS, and general bad attitude. It was fun, and your questions were really good. I was thinking; "how the hell am I going to come up with questions that are THAT good???"

  3. 1. spaghetti
    2. one and I married her
    3. too hard to answer, right now: The Sisters Brothers
    4. Sad but true: my career
    5. Scotland in a heartbeat
    6. 5/8
    7. Stand by Me but once, many many years ago my wife and I were up most of the night with a sick kid so we watched The Cure and both of us sat there and wept. It's one of my favourite memories of us.

    1. Yay! The quiz is FUN! Oh I am a HUGE spaghetti noodle fan myself.

      Ooo...I'd go to Scotland too...but I'm pretty sure my Diana Gabaldon-esque fantasy wouldn't come true. Just google her. It would make sense.

      5 out of 8! I think my ratio is much, much lower in the good department.

      You're a :)

  4. 1. What is your favourite kind of pasta?
    All of them as long as:
    NO MEAT - NO MUSHROOMS (fungus, ewwww!)
    If I have to pick one: My mother's lasagna

    2. how many people did you meet in your life who were really good kissers?
    Too many - Three I'd travel for right now.

    3. what is your favourite book of all time
    Illusions - By Richard Back

    4. what have you done that you are most proud of?
    One thing?! Hell, there's more than one - so here you go:
    #1. Two beautiful children in my life!!!
    Natural births, one of which I almost died: didn't (duh).
    #2 Write books so they would stop nagging to be born, and I love both.
    #3 Sing out loud at the top of my lungs and feel good doing it (old fear).
    #4 Love everything good and find it, even when it would be easier to not keep looking.
    #5 Trust my instincts and encourage others to do it - there's nothing more dangerous or thrilling than being yourself.
    #6 Believe in miracles

    5. if you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?
    Necker Island with my children

    6. how many pairs of your underpants are actually doctor-worthy at this point in time?

    7. What movie really, really, really made you cry?

    1. Ooo good mother made awesome lasagna.

      Oh Christina, I guess you'll never try making my MUSHROOM PASTA.

      Now I have to look up where Necker Island is.

      I had a natural birth with Ella. Because the idiot doctor never showed up with that big tube they stick in my spine. She was 9 pounds 11 ounces and facing THE WRONG WAY. It was not pretty.

    2. I will eat around the shrooms, sister. Necker Island will blow your mind. .
      NO WAY! OUCH! Ella!!!
      I wanted a nice needle on the back, too - same deal: too late, lady!!!

  5. ooops: typo, and can't delete (wth?)
    Illusions - by Richard Bach

    1. yeah, the new comment system isn't as forgiving is it.

  6. Replies
    1. Aw, come on! Hee hee...I admire a fellow rule breaker! Or are you THINKING of your answers...


  7. 1. spaghetti with meatballs and mushrooms. I love fungus!

    2. 2

    3. just one?? Really? The Outsiders

    4. As a single parent, we are in a good place financially. That's a result of so many facets of my life and many decisions that go back years.

    5. in Canada, at a house on a lake without a phone (except in an emergency)

    6. 50%

    7. when I was a teen, Dead Poets Society. Sometimes the movie would be over and I'd still be crying so hard I'd rewind it and watch the last 10 minutes again.

  8. Lisa, that was wonderful. Your number 4 is awesome, and I'm impressed by your clever wording for number 6.

    Do you think you'll ever move back to Canada???

    1. Maybe after the kids are grown. I'd have to live near a major metropolitan area and have a major commute and that just doesn't sound like fun.

    2. yeah, commutes AND suburban hell SUCK.

  9. Hee, I have a container of something at the back of my fridge too, just waiting for my man to throw it away (I made it for him, so he should throw it away, darn it!). I am beginning to think it will never happen. Maybe we should start a pool, which man will toss the leftovers first?

    1. oo Vesta! My man is getting close, I can FEEL IT! Now that he's aware it's there, I'm sure somewhere in the back of his brain it will be bugging him...I hope...

  10. Just cuz you asked....
    1--elbow macaroni.
    3--wheel of time. I know its a series but i love them all.
    6--i forgot the question
    7--titanic BUT only because the guy who took me cried like a baby. I get it, it was a sad movie but Christ, hold it together man. And it was a date. And no we didn't have sex. I was afraid he'd cry or something. I made up some excuse and left right after the movie.

    1. Didn't EVERYONE cry when they saw Titanic, Lizbeth? I mean, how could you not, when the whole room was a mess?? It's kind of like when the WHOLE THEATRE was dying with laughter when Ben Still caught his nutsack in his zipper in "Something About Mary."

      Elbow macaroni! Hooray! Thanks for playing.

  11. Ok, I'll play.

    1. Thin or angel hair spaghetti...with sauce and balls.
    2. 1
    3. Outlander
    4. my son
    5. Scotland
    6. 4
    7. Steel Magnolias. Shut up.

    And what is up with Gene Wilder? I have a friend that's in love with him, and I mock her relentlessly. Gah, it's like some kind of freaky cult!


      Ha ha ha--Outlander and Scotland! Yes, yes, woman, YES! We're ALL looking for Jamie Fraser now (lust shiver).

      No, you shut up about Steel Magnolias, because that is one of the FIRST movies that pops into my head. When Sally Field is SCREAMING and crying over the injustice of losing her daughter? MY GOD, GET THE TISSUE BOX.

      There're other people like me who lurv Gene Wilder? Jesus--I thought I was a freak.

      Hmph, well paint me 'SURPRISED.'

    2. Yes, there's some kind of Gene Wilder sickness going on, and I don't want to be infected.

      I'm on board with sauce and balls shirts! Except, no one will get it. Just us, cuz we're freaks like that.

      Oh Sally Field, you had me at "But WHYYYYY!!"

    3. then our Sauce & Balls shirts will be like we're in a SECRET CLUB! Awesome.

      Maybe I'll have to google that Magnolias scene the next time I have a few drinkies.

  12. No No NO! I will not play!
    I will get all anxious about the answers, change my mind constantly, if it hasn't gone completely blank, give thoroughly dull and uninspired replies that will make you wish I hadn't bothered, and then I'll keep popping back to update the list as I think of something better to say. Which will get REALLY annoying.
    In the long run, you'll be glad I wouldn't play, honest!
    And if you give me a hard time, I'll pinch your nose and force feed you Jell-o. Don't think I wouldn't dare..... xxx

    1. Curtise, seeing as how I didn't follow the rules, make ELEVEN new questions of my own and TAG ELEVEN BLOGGERS, I have NO problem with you not answering my token questions :) Yeah, I often think of better answers AFTERWARD myself!

      p.s. just don't touch my nose.

  13. I hate jello... your description of it made me throw up a little in my mouth. Thank you for that.

    1. well THANK YOU for being on jello team!!!!!

    2. I'm on the jello team with you - ew gross and WHY?!?
      At least you have a logical explanation for it!

    3. thank you Christina. We both know what WE won't be having for dessert then!

  14. Ok, first, you totally just freaked me out because I came over here to comment bond with you over face cropping and photoshopping...and then your post was all "Jessica B tagged me a while ago" and I seriously had to sit and think for a really long time about when I tagged you because I'M Jessica B and I had that "Oh crap, I've been black-out blogging again" which would be beyond weird because I don't drink like that...anymore. Anyway, then I realized that there was a link to Jessica B, and that link did not lead to me...that was also the moment I realized that I'm not the only Jessica B in the world, which made me a little sad. So, in conclusion, I have approximately 30 pairs of doctor worthy underwear, because I have an underwear addiction. It's weird. I know.

    1. BLACK OUT BLOGGING! WONDERFUL! Well, I was just having a BLANK HEADED moment on your blog, Jessica! Hooray!

      See? It's good to have an underwear addiction. Then you're not me standing there at the drawer this morning saying "PLEASE let there be a pair I can actually wear today."

  15. Oh this was funny Karen! I think you and both your siblings are hugely introverted right?? I always remember all of you being shy your mom was too.
    I hate space too.
    That is so funny about the mash potatoes!!!

  16. oh YES Pam! Many of our family on Dad's side are NOT introverted, so visiting and visitors meant we had to muster up a LOT of courage just to say hello. Funny, eh?

    Is it still funny if the mashed potatoes are STILL there??? Yeah, maybe not...

  17. NO! Space is COOL! Quasars are AWESOME!

    My tshirt will read 'Space, Sauce and Balls!'

    1 Any kind that I am not eating. Coeliac.

    2 Can't remember. I'm too old and it's been too long.

    3 We need to talk about Kevin/ To kill a mockingbird

    4 NOT killed my ex husband.

    5 To me - because I've been to paradise, but I've never been to me.

    6 I'll get some doctor-worthy underwear when I meet an underwear-worthy doctor!

    7 I am Sam

  18. Sarah, you finished me off with number 5. Hilarious.

  19. oh I just loved reading this post. It made me smile and I needed that today. Space sucks! was gross before, but now I think I'm going to puke thinking about it! I can't ever get anything done I was writing this response and I had to stop to wipe a kids never freaking stops. Mac and cheese is some seriously fine dining in my world!!! :D

    I am pretty introverted in an oddly extroverted way!

    1. well, this probably means that like me, you want to do your creative things in solitude and share them socially with everyone in blog land???

      Yeah, jello is stupid. I'm getting VERY close to not having to wipe ANYONE'S BUM BUT MY OWN anymore!


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