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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Jack's Art 4!

* You can always find links to more of Jack's art on the right side bar of my blog!

My son Jack, who just turned 8 recently (in case you're new here, and don't know) is a CRAZY ARTIST with MAD SKILLZ and he draws ALL THE TIME.

And when I say ALL THE TIME, I mean when he's home and he's not sleeping, eating, or listening to music.  We have stacks upon stacks of drawings, and I'm just so freaking proud of him, that when he goes out, I like to secretly share his work!

Yeah, that's right.  Secretly.  Why?  Well, this is because Jack is like a real artist, i.e., TYRANT.  He freaks if anyone talks about his art, looks at his art or gets too close to his art.  Heaven help me whenever I have to ORGANIZE his art.  I have to though, otherwise we'd literally have to sleep under it, like some crazy hoarder house.

We have long since learned NOT to comment on his drawing as he's drawing it, or any drawing he's recently worked on.  If we so much as said; "hey Jack, great picture--who is it of?"  he would LOSE HIS SHIT and crumple that thing into oblivion right before your eyes.

So, lesson learned:  do NOT talk about his art, unless HE brings it up himself.

And yet, here I am, scanning away while he's out.  Hee hee.  Don't tell him--seriously.

Here are some of his recent drawings (click on photo for better detail):

Jack and his band with his sister Ella.
Ella is the only member of the family
Jack will draw.

Jack and his bear Dave reading a bedtime story

looking at the pictures...

closeup of violinist's hand

Jascha Heifetz

Jascha Heifetz and orchestra (closeup)

Heifetz with a plain background (unusual)

another angle

Heifetz and orchestra 

interesting perspective

Jack's interpretation of writing the music for "Fur Elise"

coming on stage

detailed orchestra


I think this is a scene from "They Shall Have Music"


violinist and mouse hole

Jack in a purple shirt

Jack's band in colour
Jack doesn't do nearly as many colour drawings
as he does black and white

Jack's band in colour

Vincent Van Gogh is probably the artist Jack is the most interested in.  Every now and then he'll rediscover his work, and draw his own version.

Here is the original "Wheatfield With A Reaper"
-Vicent Van Gogh

Here is Jack's version

Jack's version of Van Gogh's "Sunflowers"


  1. He is seriously freaky incredible!!! Love it!!!

  2. Replies
    1. thanks Lisa, that's nice to know. Then I don't have to feel like that stereotypical parent who's always whipping out the SLEEVE of photos from the wallet when people come over.

  3. The first rule about Fight Club--You do not talk about Fight Club. Jack is soooooo going to punt you into next week if he finds out......

    That being said he is a freaking spectacular artist!!!

    I hope you took photo back-ups of his art because I have a feeling they may all go *poof* if he sees this post. I'm glad you shared it. He is incredible!

    1. Lizbeth, I know! I've been trying to be so sly when he's around, and make sure to click the hell away from my block if he's walking by the room. He spotted his art here once before and he was not too pleased.

      What a dick I am :)

      Oh yes--I've got the backups.

  4. That young man is so talented and thoughtful and interesting! I am amazed by his style and detail. How many 8 year old boys have that? This will also be what gets him through the rough parts of his life, because if he can lose himself to this so completely now, his talent will evolve and never leave him. (And dear lord, let him never find this on mommy's blog!!!) Thanks for sharing these. I wish you could tell him how much I like them but you better not!

    1. Thanks Leanne, I appreciate it. Well, I tell him all the time that he's an amazing artist, and he's okay with talking about how talented he is (quite the egoist in that regard). He will invite me to look at certain drawings, but for the most part it's STAY THE F*CK OUT OF MA BIDNESS.

  5. I noticed his circular fill in material is getting larger.......Very good as usual. I liked coming on stage.

    1. Yeah, it's fun to see how he evolves, eh Melissa! I like the drawings of him and Dave reading a bedtime story, because the perspective is insane.

  6. i love his going on stage pic. and the one with the mouse hole.
    he's such a tempermental little thing, isn't he?
    i'm glad you're able to get these onto the computer sometimes. one day he might like to see his stuff on here even if he doesn't get out all the old papers to look over. does he like to look at things after he's drawn them or is it straight on to the next one as soon as he finishes one?

    1. Sherilin, temperamental is RIGHT. Why, he's upstairs in his room FREAKING OUT even as I type this because the elaborate "breakfast machine" he's trying to build with a little of this and a little of that keeps falling apart.

      That's a WHOLE other story though.

      I've got all of his drawings in a big bin. We actually have to hide his drawings from him, because if he sees older ones and sneers at the earlier lack of finesse, he trashes them.

      There are the odd drawings he looks at for a little while. He liked his Van Gogh ones a lot.

  7. I am blown away. These are amazing. Seriously. I can see the Gogh influence in his work.

  8. Karen, I had to show your brother Jack's art. Impressive.
    Thank you for sharing :)

  9. That. Is. Amazing. He has an interesting filter for someone so young, and an amazing eye. Why doesn't he like to talk about his art, if you don't mind me asking?

    1. Leauxra, I don't mind at all. Jack is mildly on the Autism Spectrum, and some of his biggest problems are anxiety and control. He's a massive control freak, and he likes his stuff to be PRIVATE.

      It's probably kind of like the kid who is embarrassed if he gets caught recording his own singing, but Jack takes it to the EXTREME.

  10. Jack's art is cool... even if he won't EVER draw one of me. wah!


  11. That is very nice. It is my suspicion that children that continue to stick with their craft can carry it into their adulthood. I remember drawing Spider-Man at that age.

    Art is like anything. It means something to us, and when people try to categorize it, it can be somewhat discerning. Even into adulthood people wanted to know why I painted something a certain way and I didn't always appreciate explaining because I liked the idea of them getting it from the image not my mouth.

    1. Bennet, you've given me some good insight. Do you still draw Spider Man?

    2. Nah.
      Unfortunately I've become lazy with drawing, and instead toy with a 3D program called Poser Pro 2012.
      Which is kind of ironic because Poser was created for artists, intended to be a virtual posing doll mannequin.

    3. Bennet, that program sounds really cool! It also sounds like a giant time toilet, to which I would donate many, many hours of my life. I find "Picnik" is like that. Do you use Picnik? Piknik? Whatever. It's shutting down in April, so how will I embellish my photos? I love embellishing photos. Maybe that should be my job!

  12. Jack is one talented boy. There is no comparison with what my 8 year old son produces, seriously - your boy has a real eye. The swirly-ness is very Van Gogh, isn't it? And they have real emotional content too - the violinist and mousehole and the going on stage drawings have real thought and feelings going on in them.
    I can understand (a bit) why he is so private about them, they are obviously very expressive of a part of him and if he's very self-critical, he probably hates other people looking too closely. How does he respond to you when you tell him how great they are? Some kids, well some adults too, just really struggle with being praised, it's like they can't bear all the attention and focus being on them.
    Anyway - I know you can't tell him from me, but if you COULD, I'd want you to tell him he's AMAZING!!!!! xxxxxxx

    1. Curtise, I can't tell Jack that specific drawings are great, unless he shows them to me himself. Then I heap on the praise. I just generally tell him that he's a true artist. And that's all thanks to INTENSITY and OBSESSION! Hooray! What if I were half that focused on something...

  13. Oh Karen, thanks for sharing. These are amazing, and while I understand Jack doesn't want to talk about his art, it must be hard not to ask questions.

    1. yeah, not so hard after he's verbally RIPPED MY HEAD OFF AND SHAT DOWN MY NECK a few times :) Not so hard at all!

  14. WOW what a wonderful little artist you've got!


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