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Friday, April 6, 2012

Puttering Around + Early Birthday Presies!

Last Saturday was one of those lovely, lazy, leisurely days, whereby I felt a little blech, like I was coming down with a mild cold, so I got to stay by myself all day while the kids and The Man were off and out of the house.

So, I cleaned up some of the gargantuan mess, and I puttered around.  I hung some stuff up on the walls, which is always soothing and satisfying somehow.

Come on--come putter around with me.

Let's start with the kitchen:

I FINALLY, after three months, hung up
that fun callendar featuring BIRDS.
Three months.  Sheesh.  

Oh I loves me some BIRDS

I also finally hung up this fun clock my dad gave me,
which he got from some business
colleagues from France.  Look!  More birds!  

they all get along nicely with my little birdie
salt and pepper shakers. 

Best bonboniere from a wedding EVER.

The fireplace teapot was a gift from England. 


I call her the Guardian Of The Kitchen

Off to the bathroom, AKA: my other favourite room in the house...

I'm so pleased:  I found a frame for this fabulous
birthday birdie card from my lovely friend Leanne.
But I'll tell you about THAT in a minute...

now NIGHTLIGHT KITTEH can stare at the birdie...

super  fun nightlight kitteh, charming Peter Rabbit clock,
wicked awesome ridiculously ornate little vase thingy, and
fab smelling soap from a frou-frou shoppe

I mean--check this thing out!  Do you know I got it from
a second-hand store for like two bucks?
It says "Made In Italy" on the bottom. 

It's so yummy, I want to BITE it

A gift for baby Jack, from England

I have a clawfoot tub, so I had to buy this miniature

This picture is called "Bath Time At Becky's".
You HAVE to have SOMETHING ridiculous in your life.
You just have to.

lovely little mosaic art was a gift from a
lovely friend when she went to Italy

Sigh....I really like my bathroom.
I wish I could hang out here all day.
It's one of the few rooms in the house that's totally tidy.

And the DAY BEFORE...guess what?!?  A PACKAGE ARRIVED FOR MOI!!!

Do you know my friend Leanne at One Odd Duck?  I met her here in blogland.  One of the very best things about blogging is all the wonderful, lovely, hilarious, smart, endearing, fun people you meet here.

Leanne is a character!  She's hilarious, compassionate, and kind.  And she seems to like me.  Anyhow, she sent me a box filled with goodies recently!  I haven't been this excited since my beloved Sherilinnie sent me a Christmas card with a hand-cut paper snowflake, with a delicate man-parts motif.  SNIFF!


* A WICKED AWESOME BIRTHDAY CARD that says "You Are A Rare Bird"


* a super fun necklace that has a bird on one side, and a rose on the other.  I have decided that the bird is a ROBIN, because I FREAKING FREAK for robins.  My sister tried to tell me that it isn't really a robin, and even though I agree with her, IT'S A ROBIN, CAPICHE???

* a jar of yummy-nummy vanilla goat's milk lotion, and goat's milk soap, made by a farmer near Leanne.  How cool is that?!?  Wait--how cool and GREEN is that!!!

* a feather boa!!  AAAAAAAH, FREAK OUT!  I wore that thing as a necklace, a crown, a headband, and a boa almost immediately.

* a pair of crazy sexy fun black, embroidered long fingerless glove thingies.

Wait...why the hell didn't I take a picture of the glove thingies, but instead took a picture of the packaging?  Truly I am an idiot.

Everything was wrapped and labeled with the kind of funnitude only Leanne can provide.  Look!


Thank you Leanne.  That was so touching.

OH but waaaait a minute....

there's something else in that pile...

Hrm, I see a photo of one hawt woman in a RED DRESS...and...I see that same RED DRESS waiting for ME.  Do you know about THE TRAVELING RED DRESS?  It's a really good story...


GOOD!  But, you'll have to wait.

Stay tuned...that red dress is coming up soon!


  1. I can't WAIT!!! SQUEEEEEE!!! So glad you liked it!

    1. p.s. I LOVE your pretty things! I think I need your bathroom!

    2. yeah, my bathroom is fun. And you're fun too! We are FUN damn it! I loved my bday presies from you.

  2. Yaaay! Karen in the Red Dress!

    PS - I want to hang out in your bathroom too. It looks purty.

  3. I have a clawfoot tub too. My bathroom is the nicest room in my house.
    I love your kitty nightlight.
    You got some great gifts!

    1. Yes, isn't Leanne nice!?! I frigging love that stupid kitty nightlight too. Your bathroom is the nicest room too? Wow...parallel lives...

  4. your bathroom looks all dainty and pretty & delicate.
    how fun to get things in the mail from blog friends! i've found that lately, i get more mail items from blog friends than from real life friends. funny. and today we packaged up several things that brooke wants to send out and 4 of the 6 envelopes are going to people that we only know from the internet.
    sometimes i just love the world.
    looking forward to this red dress story business.
    i forgot that i sent you a penis snowflake! only a few of those have ever been made & you were a proud recipient. sigh. there's that lovey feeling again. =)

    1. i just read those 2 red dress posts you linked to. fun! now put it on and get ella to take lots of pictures of you!

    2. I'm going to get my sis to take the pics because she has a REAL camera--the kind which you have to adjust the lens on and it takes actual FILM. Better employ the digital cam too, for immediate gratification (or, verification that the pics aren't HIDEOUS).

      Yeah, getting stuff in the mail is always fun, isn't it?!? Reminds me of those teenage days of sending letters.

      I think the traveling red dress is a really neat, inspiring story!

    3. just yesterday as i was helping brooke get together 6 letters she was sending out, i stopped and drew a picture and put a sticker onto the back of an envelope & i had a flashback to my jr./high school days when i did tons of letter writing. it almost made me miss the magic of putting a stamp on something & stuffing it in the mailbox.

  5. Love your baubles, Karen! I understand your Robin thing. Of course, my husband's name is Robin, so I could be said to have a Robin thing, too. I love bluebirds, especially, but almost all birds, actually.

    Also, that teapot is a treasure. My best friend collects teapots and I would love to get a similar one for her.
    Cheers, Tina

    1. Tina, the teapot IS indeed very fun. I got that several years ago from one of my husband's aunts.

      Yeah, I love birds. It makes it fun to have something to look for whilst trolling the second-hand stores.

    2. An odd fact for you: As part of Laurie Anderson's "Stories from the Nerve Bible" she did a piece called "The Ouija Board" in which she recited a story about asking questions of the board, focused on past lives. The Ouija told her she had been "a boy," and then "lots and lots of rabbis," and then "a bird," and "a hat." But the board kept fluttering its answer between bird and hat. So, she and her friends decided that the board meant that she had been a stuffed bird "living" on someone's hat. That will give us all pause for thought the next time we are shopping for bird hats at the second hand shop.

    3. Oh no. How anticlimactic can one get??? I don't want to be a BIRD HAT! I really hope I wasn't a bird hat. Still, it makes me want to dig out the Ouija board and see what it tells me! But then, The Man is creeped out by it, and I'd have nobody to play with.

      Good story!

  6. What a wonderful gift to get. Rare bird indeed. Amazing how doing a simple thing like hanging a calendar can make you happy, of course then you think why didn't I do that sooner.
    I can't wait to hear about the red dress story. I have a ridiculous little guy who holds his nose and the toilet paper in the bathroom. You say the nicest things, I hope you have a nice Easter with your family.

    1. yeah Alaina, if I'd hung the damn calendar sooner, I could have enjoyed THREE OTHER MONTHS. Ah well.

      Thanks: I'm looking forward to red dressing it up too!

  7. Your house looks so clean and neat and elegant - is that it's normal state? You really are super mum! Want a peter rabit clock too

    1. CORRECTION, MISS SIMMONDS: my BATHROOM looks clean and tidy. I didn't show you my living room, dining room, or the kids' bedrooms...and I ESPECIALLY didn't show you THE BASEMENT...shudder.

  8. Karen love for birds? Well, I question that from time to time. Maybe she needs to be more specific.. maybe she ONLY loves red breasted birds... because the little sparrows? Yeah, the little plain brown birdies that hop around all sweet-like? They never harm a soul? Yeah.. Karen hates those birds.. she says they're the RATS of birds... !!!


    Let's face it... gifts are fun. period. I'm excited for the red dress too!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. yeah! Remember I was going to make a sign with a picture of brown birds and a SLASH through it? Ha ha ha...okay, I kind of like sparrows more now. Still, where I lived before, there were all these little yellow finches around, and they were so cute! They made sparrows EXTRA SUCK.

  9. I like birds but I don't like feathers.. that boa would have freaked me the hell out!
    What nice pressies!...

    ...except for the boa...

    1. embrace your inner diva/boa lover, Sprite. You know: ridiculous, over-the-top idea of glamour?? Okay, maybe not. Maybe feathers off the bird are kind of like hairs OFF the head for you. And this reminds me of the Victorian HAIR WREATH I saw once. Gross.

  10. I loved that putter (I say potter - I may change to putter, you know how you influence my vocabulary, Karen) round your house. It's tidy! It's clean! You have cute things! On clean white surfaces! It's pretty!
    Presents from blog buddies are great, aren't they? There are so many kind and generous friends out there.
    SO - red dress to go with your feather boa, huh? I am SOOOO looking forward to seeing you go for it! Release your inner minx! xxxxx

  11. thanks Curtise! As I said to some of the other ladies: I only showed the one room that looks totally clean, and portions of the kitchen, har har. Sigh. Yes, presents are lovely! I am looking forward to my photoshoot!


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