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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ella's Art 2 !!!

You already know that my son Jack draws all the time, right?  

WHAT?!?  YOU DIDN'T KNOW?  Oh dear.  Now you have to scroll down and find the links to his art on the right side bar of my blog.  

Okay.  So now you know that my son Jack draws all the time, right?  And that means when he's not eating, sleeping or listening to music.  Oh, and he rides his bike after dinner, but other than that--he's drawing.  

And my 5 year old daughter Ella?!?  She has been BITTEN BY THE ART BUG TOO.  That kid draws all the time.  


And, she draws on everything.  She draws pictures, she tapes art everywhere.  She's constantly plastering stickers on things, even though I've told her through clenched teeth again and again to NOT PUT STICKERS ON THE WALLS.  She went through every roll of scotch tape we had in the house, hanging art and creating arty things.  She's now moved on to the roll of that green tape you use when you're painting rooms.  

She plasters her art everywhere I will tolerate.  She has drawn on herself, her bedroom walls, her dresser, the living room rocking chair, and with a (thankfully) washable marker, she turned her little cousin into a "kitty" one day.  

She asked me if I was "colourful" when I was a kid, one day.  I said sometimes I was colourful, and sometimes I was grey.  She said; "that's funny! Sometimes you were grey, but I'm ALL COLOURFUL."  

Interpret that as you will.  

She hates her clothes to be matchy matchy, she hates hairdos on dolls, and if she had her way, STUFF would be taped together all over the house.  

It was the last straw when she drew on the rocking chair recently.  But, suddenly I realised I was receiving the ULTIMATE PAYBACK from KARMA.  

When I was Ella's age, I drew on my bedroom wall, drew a picture of my face on my pillow case so it would look like I was still in bed, took a black felt marker and outlined ALL the flowers on the "GOOD LIVINGROOM" gold velvet couch, and when I drew on the end table in the GOOD LIVING ROOM, that was the last straw.  

My Mom was NOT happy.  

And do you know all those moments you have when you screech at your kids how you can't wait until they have a daughter or son one day JUST LIKE THEY ARE?


Anyhow, sit back and enjoy Ella's art.

The above pics are not the clearest, but I thought you guys should see what Ella did to her room one day.  Even though it hurt me a teeny bit more than it hurt her, I let her watch as I scrubbed it off with some cleaner and a sponge.  (I saved the bit you see in the last picture though).

this is my bedroom door

"Lily the Raccoon"

A girl lion with a flea

"Jack Ray" the robot house, who shoots laser beams out of his eyes

Ella was so freaking excited for barbecued burgers with my family
on Father's Day that she had to create this "After High School" Party
poster.  Only Ella understands the connection.

One night when The Man was at work, I was heating up a frozen
lasagna, with garlic bread and a caesar salad.  Ella thought this
was SO EXCITING that she had to draw up a picture to advertise
Ella and Mom's Restaurant and plastered it on the kitchen door

this interesting lady is on the fridge

Ella's bedroom door

Jimmy Two Shoes is from a cartoon she loves

we were looking at some pictures of Terry Fox online.  Ella had eyes as wide
as saucers and then quietly disappeared to draw up this pic of him with his metal leg, and face filled with effort 

House On Fire?  BAD

House not on fire?  GOOD.  See the checkmark to show us that it's good???


"Jasmin the winter robin"

Sad Vampire Mom wringing her hands

typical happy Ella art


  1. OMG, too cute! I think my fave is 'Girl Lion, with Flea'

    1. yes, I like that one a lot too, Vesta! I also love the Vampire Mom wringing her hands.

  2. i loved the Terry Fox picture..."I care abowt him" Super sweet!
    Oh! and the lesson...House on fire BAD! hahaha...great!!!

    Did you really draw on stuff in the GOOD LIVINGROOM??? How is it that you are still able to speak after doing such thing?? hahaha...

    1. Yes Steph, and that's exactly how Ella said it to me, about the house on fire.

      It's true: I drew on the good living room couch. It might have even made Mom cry. My bad.

  3. i love the terry fox and sad vampire mom.
    were you able to get all the marks off the wall? i've found that mr clean magic erasers are really good at removing inappropriately placed artwork. though, sometimes it removes paint too.

    1. yes the magic eraser IS awesome! I also like "Greenworks" all purpose cleaner. It's environmentally friendly (supposedly), and it cleans really well (thus, it must not be that friendly...hrm).

  4. She wrote the word heinous........what five year old has that in her vocabulary?

    so Karen you outlined the flowers on the were a bad girl. oh this was a funny post. like mother like daughter with karma.

    1. yeah, my mother was so upset. She knows that word from the crazy cartoon she likes. The one character's name is "Beezee J. Heinous." She spelled it well though!

  5. Her naming and writing is awesome! Where in the world did she get Jasmin??? Jack is a Dork and Sad Vampire Mom are my personal faves, mostly beacause her brother was probably being a dork and this is how she got it out, but this begs the question about sad vampire mom? Karen, is there something you want to share???

    1. I love the Jack is a Dork one too. She probably did it because he was being a pest, but she LOVES, LOVES, LOVES to bug him, and knows exactly how to do it. In fact, I think she's taken over as lead pest.

  6. That is the saddest Vampire Mom I've ever seen. She must have some very naughty children indeed.
    p.s. Ella draws better than I do!

    1. I think Ella said the Vampire Mom was sad because her son had DIED. She's been going through a melodrama/death phase. It earns a lot of eye rolling.

  7. have very talented kids I love this :) beautiful

  8. Apparently when I was little I liked scissors.. cut my fringe the day before photo day, cut the front curtains (got busted so bad for that one). Love Ellas Art :)

    1. cut the curtains! So, now if your son ever starts cutting all your stuff...

  9. The girl lion and flea are hilarious, she certainly has talent, the talent to amuse just like her Mum as well as drawing! Hopefully it'll be a life long interest!

    1. thanks Clare! I hope you're right, and she does continue to draw.

  10. OMG they are fabulous! I especially love Girl Lion with Flea, fridge lady, Jasmin the winter robin, her entire bedroom door and the House on Fire Series. You are SUCH a good Mama! I love your kids. Sarah xxx


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