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Friday, December 28, 2012


Have I been slacking off here at angst land a little?  Yes.  Maybe.  Perhaps.  Noooooo....


It was Christmas too...let's not forget that...

The point is, I've been happily, peacefully drawing really crappy cartoons with my computer mouse, and a cheap program that comes with everyone's computer.  And I've been laughing at my own stupid jokes.


That is what I've been doing.

But, I want you guys to drop in too!  So, I cordially invite you to pop by my other, newer, fresher, more vibrant blog.

No! Wait!

I know what you're thinking--not another new blog, but this new one's okay, because unlike the old, super verbose one, this new one only takes you SECONDS to peruse and enjoy! THAT'S GOOD, RIGHT?!?

So please, won't you drop by my new blog?  I'm having so much fun over there, but I feel like there aren't many people at that party yet.  Sniff!

My Boring Life In Pictures

Shamelessly whoring myself for your love!
Can't wait to see you there!


  1. I'm your Number One Fan.

    Creeeeeeeepy laugh!


  2. I'm pretty sure that picture is me. At least, that's exactly how I feel.

  3. I'm sorry, what now? I've just found THIS blog - you have another? Okay, going to looksee. Loving THIS blog btw :)

    1. thanks very much! Don't worry, I'll be on this one too, spreading joy.

  4. I feel JUST like that cartoon. Going to see what you've been up to while you should have been peeling sprouts and eating mince pies... xxxx

    1. oh yucky at mince pies, Curtise. However, my brother made an authentic mince pie this year, complete with suet and real meat and everything. And actually, it was very tasty!

  5. did you have a good christmas, kar? or did you just eat too much junk and then beat yourself up about it later and suffer for days?
    has jack been behaving himself during this school break? i know sometimes getting off the standard routine can be stressful for our short people.

    1. Actually, Sherilinnie, I was pretty good. I did fit in more chocolate though, and some fancy cheeses, and because my diet is so devoid of junk food now, my body no longer has ANY tolerance for crappy food, and turned it into PURE ACID, immediately. Awful.

      Jack has been lovely during the break. He's relaxed, pleasant and charming. Makes me feel sad that school sucks so much for him. How was your Christmas?

  6. following now! glad to see you've been channelling your creativity!! xxx

  7. I just checked it out and will soon be following (only because I just jumped back over here and forgot to follow) - very cute and entertaining! I wanted to let you know, I included you as one of my favorite sites to visit in one of our blog crawls - we asked for others to submit their most favorite so we can learn about new (to us) blogs. Was hoping you could stop by and refer one of your faves?

    Corie @ Design DNA

    1. thanks very much Corie! I really appreciate that. Too bad I'm so hideous at replying to my comments in a timely manner. OH wait...luckily you didn't send this one too long ago. Oh, yay me then. I shall pop on over.

  8. You're doing way better than I am! At least you seem to touch your computer daily. My computer sits over in a corner, eating bon bons and feeling un-sexy.


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