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Monday, January 14, 2013

I'll NEVER Live This Down

Haven't you seen the horrible, heinous offense I committed against my girlie?

An offense she will never ever ever ever ever let me forget???

Well come on, already! Click HERE!!

(and in other news...I feel the EIGHTIES coming on soon...)


  1. Yes yes yes! Do the 80s! Pleeeeeeaase! You can join Idiot and Labia if you do, and pick the 80s power ballad of your choice for your solo spot. xxxx

  2. Thanks Karen, your little rhyme cheered me up. We are almost all better, but I think Mr. M. might be getting a little under the weather. Of course that means the whole world must stop what they are doing and take care of him. I hope all is going well in your house.

  3. Always room to learn 'one more time' about the Land of Chocolate...who listens though, right!?


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