Figuring out what I wanna be when I grow up.
Oop..I AM grown up...

Me! Me! Me!

You know, when I'm alone in my car, I swear.  A lot.  I put together combinations of words that end up making one GREAT SUPER WORD--a word that is SO FILTHY, it should never be uttered outside my sh*tty, f$cking old, piece of crap, motherf*ckin', now-dented-on-the-drivers-side-door-thanks-a-lot-a$$hole, geriatric vehicle. 

Here?  Not as much :(  Sometimes my kids want to look at funny pictures on my blog.  Beat it kids.  This is MOMMY'S HIDEOUT.

I have two children.  My son Jack is somewhere vaguely on the Autism Spectrum.  He's my amazing little guy.  My youngest daughter Ella is sweet and hilarious, and had to have a Lego jewel pried out of her ear canal not too long ago.  Also, she's obsessed with boobies.  That's how she rolls.

This is where I post whatever I feel like, without becoming a total jerk (so hard sometimes.  So, so hard).  To all the deep thinkers, angsters, whiners, malcontents, brave mothers and fathers, Earth huggers, food enthusiasts and square pegs, WELCOME. 

Somebody make me a coffee.

No wait, I'll make my own.  I'm much too picky.

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  1. just found you - BREATH of fresh air. Thanks for making me laugh. can't wait to read the next installment


I lurv comments. Thank you for the comments. They are scrumptious.


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